Collection: GWC

From culture, for culture!
I grew up in East New York, Brooklyn. 
Graffiti was another voice in the ghetto, for me - but this voice was different.  It had color and style, and it surely wasn't afraid to represent for itself!!!
Seeing writers like JA, VFR, FE, SEEZ, SKUF, KEZ 5, MERK, and many many more - it was like watching a METS game.  So much thrill!
With that said, this is an alphabetical collaboration between World renowned Graffiti Writers.  Individuals known for their contributions to our culture and subcultures. 
We seen them in Video Games, Music Videos, Magazines, and much much more.  
These Graffiti Writers have been influencing before the year 2000!!!
Tremendous Style Masters that have influenced not only yours truly, but have made their mark in society. 
We hope you enjoy this exciting collaborative effort of representation and style.