Our Graffiti Writers Collaboration with BATES is Here!!!


There is truth and there is falsehood. Here at FALSEHOOD., we believe that in order to learn truth, you have to see falsehood.

Established 2017 in Newark, NJ with love from Brooklyn, NY. FALSEHOOD. is a lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from Graffiti Art and Street Fashion. We create unique hand-drawn designs onto apparel in hopes of creating a dialogue within our communities. A dialogue that creates engagement, friendship and best of all - Art.

We work with individual Graffiti Writers to bring you our Graffiti Writers Collaboration. An alphabetical representation of Crew Love. Be sure to check out our Graffiti Writers Collaboration for more information. We also work with independent Artists within our community to place a spotlight on their Art and share their perspective on what it is like to create artwork. For more information on these spotlights, check out our Social Media page on Instagram.

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PEACE from The Dojo in the Arts District of Newark, NJ - Shoot us an email to visit! :)