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Our version of The Newsstand, The Corner, or a hub for deeper insights into our clothing brand. 

Since our establishment in 2017, we had a great adventure up until now.  We styled a lot of great Customers, collaborated with legendary Graffiti Writers and engaged with many local communities in NYC, New Jersey and Philadelphia via Pop-Up events with local municipalities, artists, and non-profits.


Are you shopping in Newark, NJ?  THEN CHECK THIS OUT!!! You can save on Shipping prices by selecting "Pick Up" at Checkout.  After we get your Order, we'll put it together and send you a notification via email or text message to let you know you where you can visit to pickup your order.  Now that's something to smile about :)


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That's right!!!

We screen print 90% of the Goods available in our Catalog right here in Newark, NJ.  Our screen printing partners are also based out of Brick City - just an FYI.  

Since 2017, we've been true to our own traditions.  We hand-draw our original designs on paper first.  We then vector trace the designs for added sharpness.  We later burn the freshly updated graphics onto screens for screen printing. 

The process is complete a little after our branding process takes place.


With our SINGER sewing machine we complete our manufacturing process by branding our Tees, Hoodies and more with our labels.

Thank you for stopping by and learning a little more about us.

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